I hope everyone is safe and doing as well as can be despite these circumstances. I will be
offering all of my services 50% off until June 1st (see prices on website) as well as
payment plans, if needed.

I want to give you as much support as I can, especially if you are in time of need. If you or a loved one recently lost your job due to COVID-19 and need my assistance, please let me know. See below for helpful and fun recommendations and resources for to help you get through the next few weeks.

Upcoming services

  • Group Coaching: Career or Job Interview Prep
    offered quarterly at 50% less than the rate of regular coaching with a group of no more than 6 per session and a minimum of 3 participants. Group coaching will be offered online or in-person (hopefully)
  • Subscriptions
    opportunity to subscribe to a particular package to fit your specific needs.Services can be provided on 1, 3 or 6 month commitment with a 10-25% off discount.

See packages below.

  • “Get’cha Head in the Game” High School Musical Inspired package
    Student packages can include the following:
    • college search applications
    • essay assistance
    • scholarship assistance
    • what to expect in college preparation, etc.
  • College Grad/Entry Level Package – “Learning to Fly” Foo Fighters Inspired Package
    This package is for the individual who recently graduated from college and needs assistance obtaining his or her first professional employment.
  • Assistance can include:
    • resume
    • cover letter
    • LinkedIn presence
    • written & verbal communication etiquette
    • how to prepare for a phone, individual or group interview
    • understanding workplace culture, time management or how to negotiate your job offer.
  • Transformation Package – “I’m Still Standing” Elton John Inspired Package
    This package is for the individual who has either been laid off, terminated, been out of the workforce for a significant amount of time or has decided to start a new career. Assistance can include:
    • career coaching
    • job interview prep
    • resume writing
    • LinkedIn presence
    • life coaching
    • public speaking
    • social media practices
    • strengths exploration.
  • Advancing your Career Package – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Marvin Gaye Inspired Package
    This package is for the individual who wants to find advancement and leadership opportunities for his or her career.
    • This could include:
    • learning more about individual strengths
    • assuming higher levels of projects and
    • leadership roles obtaining additional education or certification public speaking increasing their professional network and online presence.

Assistance can be done in-person (hopefully), by zoom video or by phone for 60 minutes. The more sessions, the less amount per session. Interested? Set up a time to chat with me about prices and payment plans.

My goal is to help you feel confident, prepared and empowered to get to the next level. Have an idea? Suggestions are always welcome. :)